Meet other singles who love to read on

I love to read and I enjoy all types of books, so I am currently reading a small big entitled Big panda and little dragon. As I have been to China the words and the illustrations are very meaningful to me as dragons and pandas play a big part in the Chinese culture and there are signs of them all over China. The exist in their architecture and they both have special meanings when you see them so the book by James Norbury which illustrates the close friendship between the Big Panda and the tiny dragon is a beautiful book because it is so simple in the way that it is illustrated. The illustrations portray such a deep friendship and yet they are so simple and oriental in flavour.

Friendship doesn't need to be a big song and dance it just needs to be genuine.

Meet genuine friendship that lasts on and you never know that friendship could turn into romance and a romantic love. Sometimes just being together as a team can be the most romantic thing that you can do and just because you are a big panda and a tiny dragon shouldn't make any difference as long as you are on the same side holding hands.

Meet other singles who love to read on
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